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Night&Fog #5

© Studio-407
Comic-book (US) – 24 pages (2009)
Scénario – Alex Leung & Matt Bradford
Dessin - Stéphane de Caneva
Couleurs – JM Ringuet
Editeur – Studio-407

Linked to a secret from the past, an experiment in a black ops bioengineering facility–to create a smart soldier that can adapt to any combat environment, leads to a horrible freak accident. The ensuing bio-chemical disaster turns the inhabitants of a nearby village into a horde of rampaging creatures, leaving only a handful of survivors to escape infection. But things get dramatically worse when they discover that the transformation the creatures have undergone is only one of many–into something far more horrific and unstoppable.
NIGHT & FOG is the genre-bending mix of classic gothic literature (DRACULA, THE INVISIBLE MAN, DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE, and FRANKENSTEIN), the bone chilling CREEPY and EERIE comics of the 70 s, and the high adrenaline thrills of the classic John Carpenter films (THE FOG and THE THING); a descent into a nightmare world where monsters are not only real, they are made to perfection.